The Friedrichsbad

The most beautiful way to find yourself!
Discover the luxury of warmth and tranquillity in the over 145-year-old bathing tradition of the Friedrichsbad. Immerse yourself in a total work of art with a long-term effect for all the senses. It's about much more than "just" bathing: It's about great enjoyment and deep relaxation. It's about you - about your body, your soul, your spirit, your cleansing, refreshment and relaxation. Let yourself go and experience the wonderful feeling of coming home to yourself.
Pure thermal water

directly from the sources

Traditional bathing culture

mixed-sex textile-free bathing

Unique and fascinating

historical ambience

Uniquely inspiring

relaxation experience

No need to bring anything with

except time for yourself!

The Roman-Irish bath

Exclusive. Unique.

In the Roman-Irish bath, the beneficial effects of Roman bathing culture merge with Irish bathing tradition. The wellness ritual is based on a perfectly coordinated sequence of different wellness stations to gradually warm the body and gently cool it down again. The precious thermal water directly from the springs on Florentinerberg unfolds its full effect in the various bathing forms and guarantees a unique relaxation experience!

Marc Twain once said: "After 10 minutes you forget time and after 20 minutes you forget the world." Experience a true short vacation for body, mind and soul - after approx. 3 hours in the Friedrichsbad you will truly feel reborn!

Arrive &

Relax directly

Bathing in the Friedrichsbad is traditionally textile-free. In the royal changing rooms, you will find a traditional bath towel wrapped around your body. Everything you need during the 3-hour tour of the Roman-Irish bath is available on site: Hair/body shampoo for cleansing, body lotion after the baths as well as towels and slippers where needed. Aromatic tea is freely available in the reading room at all times. Start your journey to yourself!

The thermal water showers

Impressive & pure

Pure thermal water pours down on you from huge shower heads, massaging you and simply washing away the stress of everyday life. The impressive, historic shower fittings are truly imposing and can be found at various stations to offer a feeling of purity and pure relaxation.

Warm- and hot-air baths

Pure tradition

Relax on traditional wooden loungers with a view of the beautiful, hand-painted majolica tiles, enjoy the silence and feel your body temperature slowly rise. Spend about 15 minutes in the warm-air bath at 54°C, then move on to the hot-air room at 68°C for about 5 minutes.

Soap & brush massage

Special highlight

Strong hands work your entire body for about 10 minutes. You are rubbed with soap and water and then massaged with a natural hairbrush. This acts like a peeling and is the ideal preparation for the subsequent bath in the healing thermal water. The massage promotes blood circulation in the skin and stimulates the circulation - a fountain of youth for the whole body.

On request and subject to availability, the soap & brush massage can be booked on site for an additional charge of 19.- euro.

FB Dampfbad 2

Thermal steam baths

Unique and precious
Pure thermal water directly from the springs settles pleasantly on your skin in a hot mist. Settle down on the warm stepped ledge in the first steam bath at 45°C and feel how you are enveloped in the steam of the healthy thermal water. After approx. 10 minutes, you enter the second steam bath, which is 3°C warmer. Your body temperature rises slowly without putting too much strain on your circulation. You stay at 48°C for approx. 5 minutes and feel light and exhilarated.

Thermal baths

"Sanus per aquam"

A total of 4 thermal water baths await you, all filled with pure thermal water.

Relax in the thermal full bath at a pleasant 36°C for approx. 10 minutes and feel how you have now finally detached yourself from everyday life.

In the thermal bubble bath, fresh thermal water drums against your back at 34°C, massaging you. The last tensions are released and an incomparable feeling of well-being spreads through you. After around 15 minutes, you will feel your body temperature gently regulate itself downwards again.

The circular thermal exercise bath is the highlight of the spa for many. The 28°C may seem quite cool at first. Swim a few short laps and you will get used to the temperature. It's worth it! A dome almost 18 meters high gives this bathing hall its very special flair.

Finally, immerse yourself in the coolness of the cold water bath for a brief moment. The 18°C cool water gets your circulation going and stimulates your blood flow.

Rest & relaxation

in its purest form

What could be nicer than being wrapped in a warm towel after a cold bath? Enjoy this feeling. Then take your time to dry off. Take your time - time that you don't allow yourself in everyday life. Our body lotions, specially developed for the Friedrichsbad, are available in two fragrances as a special pampering treatment. The nourishing ingredients protect your skin from drying out and give it a velvety softness.

As the crowning glory, a pre-warmed sheet awaits you in the relaxation room. Wrap yourself comfortably in it, close your eyes and immerse yourself in a unique moment of peace and relaxation.

Finally, you can lean back in a comfortable lounger in the reading room. Relax while reading an interesting magazine and reflect on your visit to the Friedrichsbad with a cup of soothing tea.

The feel-good stations

at a glance
  • Thermal water showers
  • Warm-air bath 54°C
  • Hot-air bath 68°C
  • Thermal water showers
  • Soap & brush massage
  • Thermal water showers
  • Thermal steam bath 45°C
  • Thermal steam bath 48°C
  • Thermal bath 36°C
  • Thermal bubble bath 34°C
  • Thermal exercise bath 28°C
  • Thermal water showers
  • Cold water bath
  • Dryin Room
  • Cream application
  • Relaxation room
  • Reading room


  • The Friedrichsbad: mixed-sex textile-free Roman-Irish bathing.
  • Unique relaxing experience.
  • Our recommended stay: approx. 3 hours.
  • Included: bath slippers and towels, hair/body shampoo and body lotion for use in the bath and aromatic tea in the reading room.
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